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Season 2 - Southeast Asia

Cryptocurrency, heroin trafficking, money laundering, freedom fighters, and an intinerant Irishman who gets embroiled in it all.

Text versions of Season 2 can be found here.

Season 1 - Central Asia

A South African industrial espionage agent, a German hydroelectric engineer, a Tajik oligarch, and an Uzbek state security colonel get intimately acquainted with Central Asian water politics and Karakalpakstani independence.

Text versions of Season 1 can be found here.

The Creators


Kent Babin

Writer and Voice of Bill Hines

Author of the Furtive Khan travel thriller series available on Amazon Kindle.


Remington Cooney

Narrator and Voice of Gerry, Hans, Amir, Ruslan, and Colonel Ivanov

Mindfulness coach, meditation teacher, founder of the Dao of Now.

Guest Voice Actors

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